the best of the rest (in 2014)

Landscapes — I wish I took more photos of the vastness of the beautiful landscapes I see. Sometimes they are so vast, I am at a loss as to quite how to best capture them. We spent a lot of time exploring prairies out in central Minnesota this past year, and so the top ten landscapes are mostly prairie shots.  But Minnesota is a transition zone between tall grass prairie and broadleaf forest, so there are a couple of forest shots as well.  The photos are arranged in chronological sequence of season (sort of), so this is a seasonal Minnesota perspective.

trumpeter swans at Monticello, MN

Sunrise on the frozen Mississippi River in Monticello, MN last February. The temperature was a balmy -22 F (-30 C). Water vapor from the open water rises like steam in this intensely cold air.

minnehaha falls, Minneapolis

The extreme cold of the 2014 polar vortex created some spectacular waterfalls, like this one on Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis taken in March.

I couldn’t leave the next photo out, even though it’s not Minnesota.

Northern California foothills in April

We escaped the polar vortex with a short trip to northern California in April. The light at sunset created a beautiful pattern of green and deep gold.

old MN farm house-HDR-black-white

My favorite farm scene out in central Minnesota, taken with HDR and then converted to black and white.  Taken in May.

mississippi river in flood - downtown Minneapolis

Torrential rain in May and June caused flooding along the Mississippi and raised the water level flowing under the Stone Arch Bridge through Minneapolis.

glacial lakes state park, MN

All that rain in May and June filled the prairie potholes and created an intensely green prairie landscape in June and July.

butterflyweed on the MN prairie

Orange highlights from blooming Butterflyweed dotted the green prairie landscape in July.

northern minnesota mixed forest

We traveled up to the Northwoods in July to see the northern bogs and mixed forests there.

northern minnesota farm

Typical northern Minnesota landscape, flat with lots of puffy clouds, grain silos, and acres and acres of crops.

After a month of travel in Southern Africa, we came back to a spectacular show of fall color.

fall color on the mississippi

I could look at this scene all year.

And now it’s back to the monotonous colors of winter in the backyard.


Happy New Year from the Minnesota Backyard.

14 thoughts on “the best of the rest (in 2014)

  1. Sue – A great collection of scenery photos, but the light and colors in the Northern California photo is ethereal, almost unbelievable. Jerry

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