Moon rise

Harvest moon:  the first full moon following the fall equinox.  Technically, that’s tomorrow, Sept 30, but here it was tonight. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

The sun hadn’t set yet when the moon rose, so conditions were not perfect for getting the orange moon look.

All I need now is the silhouette of a flock of geese flying across the face of the moon.

8 thoughts on “Moon rise

  1. It’s very pretty, Sue, and do my eyes deceive me, or is there a faint illusion of another moon to the lower left? I don’t know what you would call that? A penumbra? I’m just pulling that out of thin air, but there must be a name for the phenomenon. I forgot to go look at the moon tonight, but I will check it out tomorrow, for sure. Shine on, Harvest Moon…..

    • Good eye! I didn’t see that shadow on the left side of the moon until you pointed it out. That is an artifact of my HDR fusion of multiple images. The moon moved between exposures, even though the image captures took less than 30 seconds.

    • Thanks for that link. It’s a great photo and a beautiful poem, too. I had to laugh at her quoting “Shine On Harvest Moon,” since I remember that song quite well. Man, sometimes I forget just how long I’ve been around! 🙂

      • You think you’re old…here’s a funny story for you. I grew up in Los Angeles, and I went to camp with kids from Beverly Hills. One of the kids sang a lot of old songs as we drove around the LA area on field trips. She sang “somewhere over the rainbow” and “shine on, harvest moon” a lot! I always wondered how she knew those songs so well. Her name was Liza Minelli.

  2. OMG, now I have goose bumps. First of all, I’m a Wizard of Oz fanatic. I have a big collection of memorabilia that used to live in my guest room, so that people felt like they were sleeping in Oz. Over the Rainbow is my favorite song in the world, and of course, I loved Judy Garland. And back in the day, Liza Minelli, too, though I feel sad for her now, I’m afraid. Anyway, that’s a really neat story. But I still gotcha beat. I’m definitely a couple years older than Liza.
    Thanks for sharing.

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