Spring fling?

The birdies seem to think it’s spring — cardinals and chickadees are singing in the backyard. A pair of Cardinals were courting on the tree outside my porch window yesterday morning, even while it was snowing.

Usually, Mr. Cardinal would be offering his mate a food morsel, but Mrs. Cardinal seems to be busy with a seed already. So, it looks like he’s offering her a drink (in the form of snow) to wash down the seed.
She doesn’t look at all interested in his gift.
So, he ate it himself.
Ho hum, waiting to see what he brings next…

Meanwhile…the backyard still looks like this

The bird feeder stands above my head in the summer, but right now its at chest height. Sooooo much snow. When will it end?

5 thoughts on “Spring fling?

  1. Yes, when will the snow end! The cardinals have been singing their spring song for a month but I have only heard one chick a dee song from one individual once last week! M

  2. It’s so fun to watch bird courtship, especially when the male is rebuffed. Once, I watched a tern offering fish to his prospect, who was not impressed.

    We still have a fair amount of snow here, but not as much as you. The magpies are busy refurbishing one of the nests near our deck.

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