A nature walk

I’m leading a field trip of nature/photography enthusiasts in a couple of weeks, and thought I should check on what there is to see in the area we will visit on our walk.  It’s amazing how much (more) you can see by just standing still and waiting for wildlife to fly, walk, or swim by.  To illustrate, I just stood quietly near a patch of wildlflowers in a grassy field and spotted the following:

common ringlet butterfly

Small orange butterflies flitting sort of limply over the wildflowers and rarely pausing to sit — Common Ringlets, in the same family as Monarchs, and the same subfamily as brown Wood Satyrs.

Tiger Swallowtails butterfly

A tiger Swallowtail butterfly was feeding on Vetch flowers.

12-spotted Skimmer (female)

A female 12-spotted Skimmer perched while hunting in the meadow.

dot-tailed whiteface dragonfly

Numerous Dot-tailed Whiteface dragonflies coursed over the path and out in the meadow. I think this one is a female. The male has a dark abdomen with just one spot on the dorsal surface of the abdomen.

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrows sang loudly from tree perches at various points around the meadow.

Yellow Warbler male

Yellow Warblers staked out just about every other tree in the grassy meadow, singing “sweet, sweet, I’m so sweet” over and over.

There was more…but that’s enough for this post.

8 thoughts on “A nature walk

  1. A few years ago I became a volunteer bird monitor for the forest preserve. One of my tasks was to do point surveys — observe and listen for 5 minutes in one spot. Like you, I discovered I saw more standing still!

    • What a great job to have. I bet you got really good at distinguishing one bird song from another. I heard quite a few different songs — some I knew and some I wasn’t sure of. So there was a lot more going on in my little patch than I captured on the camera.

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