Why do we love birds?

A rhetorical question to ask on this — National Bird Day. They are colorful, sing some pretty (if repetitive) songs, perform amazing aerial tricks, are delicate, fierce, strong, bold, and relatively easy to find and see. Plus there is an amazing diversity of them. They are all around us and we take them for granted, but the world would be a sad place without them. This day was created to raise awareness of the difficulties many avian species face because of loss of habitat, climate changes that put them out of sync with their food supply, lethal chemical added to their environment, etc. The list of perturbations to their normal existence is long and is taking its toll on their numbers. So to honor the Birds, I showcase some of them taken from this year’s photos (some of which were sadly lost in the masses of photos that I took!).

Great Gray Owl, northern Minnesota
Great Egret flying over a pond at Hilton Head, SC.
The elusive and much sought-after male Elegant Trogon, Portal AZ
European Raven from Extremadura region, Spain
Roadrunner attacking a lizard, Green Valley AZ
Speckled Tanager, Costa Rica
Rufous (or Allen’s) Hummingbird, Batiquitos Lagoon, CA
Black Kite, Extremadura region, Spain
Hooded Oriole, Green Valley AZ
Female, Black-cheeked Woodpecker, first bird seen in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Brown Boobies, seen somewhere along the Pacific coast of Central America
Snowy Egrets in Huatulco, Mexico
Serin finch, Extremadura region, Spain
Red Kites, Extremadura region, Spain
the rare Iberian Magpie, Doñana National Park, Spain. One of the birds most threatened by climate change.
Black-necked Stilt, Alameda Island, CA
Breeding plumes of the male Great Egret, Hilton Head, SC
Scarlet-rumped Toucanet, Cartagena, Colombia
Griffon Vulture, Extremadura region, Spain

10 thoughts on “Why do we love birds?

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  2. Hi Sue, Your pictures are an inspiring start to my day! What fun you must have had tracking down those beauties!

    How is you workout routine going? Have you been able to persevere without your buddie?😎🏋️‍♀️

    On the subject of noisy knees, I came across this: crepitus….. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/310547

    Who knew there is a medical term for it!?

    My own knees have been quiet and relatively cooperative. Still doing my workout every day (mostly😎). There is an exercise facility in the community… very helpful.. with several residents rehabbing knee replacements. I am back to playing Pickleball…. Limiting myself to an hour 3 days a week. The courts are 1/2 mile from our place… so the walk is a great warmup/ cool down. Pain free so far… Not playing very well, but at least I am playing!

    Take care, stay warm… and thanks for the lovely pictures!


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  3. Wonderful photos. I love reading Backyard Biology and sincerely appreciate you sharing your photos and knowledge through it. Happy New Year

  4. Wow. You make me want a better camera. Thank you for continuing to share even when you’re not traveling! Jodie ________________________________

    • Thanks, Jodie. Actually, it’s not about the camera as much as it is about getting the right light, the right shutter speed, the right situation, etc. My camera is a medium priced, all purpose, fixed lens, travel camera capable of both wide angle landscape and zoom magnification shots (24-600mm). If you would like to chat more about this, write to me at sbchaplin@gmail.com

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