Looking toward the light

Photographers usually try to shoot with the sun behind them, but occasionally the scene may be more dramatic when shooting directly into the light. That was the case the other day when I was walking in Reservoir Woods and came upon a field of Indian grass and Showy Goldenod seedheads that shimmered in the backlit afternoon light.

Here, the sun is just off to the right, and the golden seedheads stand out dramatically from the rest of the vegetation.
Here, I’m looking directly into the sun, which throws a glare of bright light into the center of the image.

Look at the difference in this scene when I turn around and shoot with the sun directly behind me. The seedheads of the grasses and goldenrod disappear into a monotonous expanse of yellow stems.

There’s an important lesson here — don’t always follow the rules because you might miss some of the drama in nature.

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