Playtime in the backyard

Just as the daylight was fading in the backyard, I spied a young fox chasing a very immature, small rabbit around the backyard. This young fox wasn’t interested in eating the rabbit, but certainly seemed to enjoy the chase. All the better to hone its predatory skills. The rabbit did what prey instinctively do when threatened — sat as still as a stone, until the fox turned its head, at which point the rabbit tried to escape. It was quite comical to watch!

Half-grown fox dares the bunny to hop while it is spread-eagled next to it.
Maybe if I poke the bunny…”
“Maybe I’ll just ignore the bunny…”
C’mon, let’s play chase…”

6 thoughts on “Playtime in the backyard

    • Yes, indeed. I loved that first pose. The fox was scooting its body down the grassy slope alongside the little bunny. Very playful!

    • Very funny outcome. I was trying to sneak outside to get sharper photos free of leaves, and the fox heard me and dashed off, leaving the bunny. So bunny took the opportunity to dash off in the opposite direction. The fox noticed this somehow and came dashing back to their play site, picked up the bunny in its mouth, and then dashed off into the woods. I would have loved to have gotten video of this, but there were way too many branches in the way, and I was shooting through my somewhat dirty windows…

      • That’s really a good one Sue. Way more than a photo. A photo with a story is priceless. And it leaves the ending up to each of us. What’s your mood? Maybe it would make a good childrens story … with an outcome similar, or not, to the classic “tail-tale” of the Fox and the Hare?
        Hmmm. Do I see a book in your future?

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