the tiny garden

A taste of spring hit the backyard as temperatures soared into the 60s the other day, and major amounts of snow melted. When I walked into the wetland beyond the backyard I was greeted with signs of life awakening after the long winter — like this tiny garden on a rotting log.

A tiny one-inch across mushroom nestled in among several different species of moss. Spore capsules of moss tower above the green vegetation — the better to spread their tiny spores to a new site on the log.
A second, even tinier mushroom is growing beside the bigger one. If I knew something about moss, I could tell you how many different species there are here in this 4 square inches of log.
A veritable forest of mossy leaves support the towering trunks of the sporophyte part of the plant with its knobby capsules waving in the breeze.
Meanwhile, a pair of Mallard ducks, keeping a close eye on me as I walk by, is taking advantage of early snow melt to rest in a shallow pond.

9 thoughts on “the tiny garden

  1. So inspiring, so brave for all you far N. dwellers (& survivors-I’m still hoping for the bluebirds spotted earlier on the golf course walk). Congratulations for making it through yet again to you, Sue, & to the little mushrooms & moss blooms & all of God’s Creatures & Creations. Thank you especially for spying them for us. Such a relief to know you all up there are safe — again.

    • You are so kind — thank you for the compliments! The brief reprieve from snow and cold is most welcome, but it’s back to snow time next week.

  2. Wow! Mushrooms and moss. We are still covered in snow which we are grateful for, and we are devoutly wishing for more since we are in an extreme drought. Your photograph is beautiful. Take care, Terry

    • Well, it was just a temporary thaw. We expect a big snowstorm next week. March is famous for dumping feet of snow on the northern Plains.

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