Out in the middle

The last couple of sunny days I have walked out on the lake across the street right before sunset and found quite a number of people also enjoying the lake amenities: ice for ice skaters and hockey players, snow for the skiers and snowmobilers, and quite a nice ice road around the perimeter of the lake for the walkers. You can appreciate the size of this lake when you get out in the middle and turn in a circle, seeing shorelines in the far distance all around.

Lake Owasso is a long, relatively shallow, 374 acre lake with a couple of deep spots (35+ feet) popular with the ice fishermen. The total shoreline is just under 6 miles, so if you walked the ice road perimeter you would get a pretty good work-out. Out in the middle, the houses along the shoreline seem far away.
On my hike around the lake, I saw dog walkers…
and lots of tents and shacks for ice fishing, although on this relatively warm, sunny day, most fishermen were sitting outside instead of inside.
Ice fishermen haul their gear including an auger to drill through the ice, a fish finder radar, something to sit on, bait, poles, buckets, etc. on a sled, and then make a series of holes and drop a very short length rod with a line and bait down the hole near the bottom. Most of the lake is about 5-10 feet deep, but here the bottom was 17 feet and they fisherman told me there were lots of little fish swimming around near the bottom.
By far the most popular recreation on the lake is skating, and most of the skaters are hockey players. It seemed like every other house had shoveled out a nice patch of ice for some friendly competition.
And not all the hockey players are kids!
Cross-country ski tracks criss-cross the lake everywhere. There are lights strung up for night-time hockey practice at this shoreline rink.
Just another day of winter recreation in snow country Minnesota.

3 thoughts on “Out in the middle

  1. In your wonderful photos it all looks so healthy, hearty & fun, but having lived up North in Chicago & Milwaukee, I remember my teeth never stopped chattering in wintertime & I could never balance on those skates. Skating on my ankles was not any fun at all! My friends called me “Po’ Honey Chile”…. I found sitting by fireplaces with a hot steaming mugs my best winter fun & cherish memories of those cozy good times. Still your winters are exotic dreams to me. And as an artist, I love to paint snow scenes — of course.

    • I have to admit, I am not a fan of extreme cold either, being raised in Southern California. But the weather has been mild (20s above 0 F) and sunny, so 3 layers is plenty to stay warm.

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