Spring beauties

It will be a while before Spring graces us with her presence in MN, but meantime, I can look back at all the beautiful flowers I saw while I was in northern California two weeks ago.  Bright colors gladden the heart, even in the midst of a plague.

Evening primrose with a touch of dew.

Red hibiscus, with its velvety dark red stigma sticking far above the anthers to exclude their pollen.

Orchid sprays decorate the window.

Bewick’s Wren and Common Bushtit in a Redbud tree brightly blooming with its pink-purple flowers.

And spring color is not complete without my favorite California Poppies

The poppy bloom was just beginning in early March in northern California.

The characteristic finely dissected blue-green foliage and bright orange-yellow disc-shaped flowers — what could be more colorful?

12 thoughts on “Spring beauties

  1. That primrose is amazingly yellow. Most are pale colors. Those that I remember from school were pale pink fading to white. They seem prettier in pictures taken by those who appreciate them. My pictures of poppies are mediocre.

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