Gray day, colorful birds!

Gray days in the winter dampen one’s mood, but they are great for photography.  The outdoor temperatures can be 10-20 degrees warmer than on a clear, sunny day, which means the birds are likely to be more active.  But the lack of strong light and dark contrast on a gray day seems to enhance the details in colorful birds that would otherwise get lost in glare and shadow.

Since we are back to our semi-monochromatic landscape of white and brown, a little color in the landscape is always welcome.

Mr. Cardinal is fluffed up in 20 F temperatures, which will seem balmy to man and bird in a couple of months!  Cardinals are red (mostly), but look how many shades of red they really are.

I filled the peanut feeder, so of course, the Blue Jays were quick to pick up several at a time and fly off to stash them for later enjoyment.  If you were going to color a blue jay accurately, how many colors would you need?

2 thoughts on “Gray day, colorful birds!

  1. Hi Sue,
    It is quite true that overcast skies can seemingly discourage the the desire to engage in wildlife photography but obviously your results prove otherwise, Thank you for alerting us to opportunities outside our normal range of thinking.

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