the beauties of 2017

The backyard is quiet again, as the snow falls, temperatures drop, and the wildlife roam less far and wide (meaning, less likely to be seen in my backyard at least).  So, I’ve dug through the collection of “best birds of 2017” to bring you my 12 favorites from our treks around the U.S. this year.

Texas (near Brownsville)

Crested Caracara, Alamo TX

Adult Crested Caracara, Alamo TX

Harris Hawk-Alamo, Texas

Adult Harris Hawk diving down to get its piece of frozen chicken-Alamo, Texas

Great Kiskadee, Alamo TX-

Great Kiskadee, Alamo TX-

Red-winged Blackbirds-Alamo, TX

Male Red-winged Blackbirds behaving badly, Alamo, TX

Tri-colored Heron, Padre Island, TX

Tri-colored Heron, Padre Island, TX

Long-billed Dowitchers-Laguna Vista TX-

Long-billed Dowitchers, Laguna Vista, TX

South-eastern Arizona (Tucson and Portal areas)

Painted Redstart (or Whitestart), Portal AZ

Painted Redstart (or Whitestart), Portal AZ

Phainopepla-Tucson, AZ

Phainopepla-Tucson, AZ

Vermillion Flycatcher-Tucson AZ

Vermillion Flycatcher-Tucson AZ

Magnificent Hummingbird-Santa Rita Lodge, AZ

Magnificent Hummingbird-Santa Rita Lodge, AZ. The light was just off to the side so his brilliant iridescence is dulled.

Cactus wren-Tucson, AZ

Cactus wren-Tucson, AZ, in its elements of thorns and spiny plants

Gila Woodpeckers at their nest, Tucson, AZ

Gila Woodpeckers at their nest, Tucson, AZ

You don’t really have to go too far to see some special birds, not found in your own backyard.  The trick is not just finding them, but getting them to cooperate for a photograph!

11 thoughts on “the beauties of 2017

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  2. These pictures are exquisite. As a horticulturist, I tend to ignore the fauna of a region. I saw a cardinal in Oklahoma, and it was shockingly like I had seen it in pictures. It looked artificial, like those bright pink plastic flamingos at a tacky Mexican restaurant.

  3. Spectacular shots, Sue. It is definitely cool to travel outside of your home region and see birds like these that are not likely to be found in your back yard. I spent several years in southern Arizona when I was in the military and love the desert Southwest. At that time I was not into photography, but it sure looks like it would be worthwhile to retrace my steps and hopefully see some of the birds that you have featured.

  4. Great photos of many of my favorite birds, including the vermillion flycatcher. I was responsible for the Jerome/Cottonwood CBC in Cottonwood, AZ for many years. All the vermillions went south except one, and we found him in exactly the same spot every year. Now I live in Arizona and have also birded across the border. Especially love he picture of the caracara

    • Thanks for your comment Betsy. We stayed in Cottonwood last year (70th birthday bash), and I loved that environment. So many wonderful places to see and bird. Lucky you.

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! These are gorgeous! May I show them on my blog, giving credit to you of course? I also have a new book out that I’d like to send you. Not about nature, but a transcript of my grandparents’ letters in WW I.

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