struttin’ his stuff

It’s that time of year when the turkeys parade through the backyard — the Toms eager to show off their fine feathery plumes and the hens picking at scraps from the bird feeder and completely ignoring those beautiful displays of feather finery.

Tom Turkey display-

Seriously, does it get any better than this?  How patriotic, with his red, white, and blue head.  Ben Franklin would be proud!

Tom Turkey display-

He even gobbled a few times for me.  Every tail feather perfect, and with a long beard to boot.  This is some studly male here.

Tom Turkey display-

But look how disinterested the hen is…

Tom Turkey display-

A younger male watching from the wings — observing how this whole display thing is done. He hasn’t developed the neck wattles yet, and he has only a short stubby little snood (that thing that hangs down over the beak).

Tom Turkey display-

Mr. Tom Studly’s head in comparison to that of the underdeveloped youngster.

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