magical sunset light

The changing light from yellow-orange to orangey-pink to pinkey-blue over just 15 minutes last evening after sunset at Lake Josephine in St. Paul, MN.

Lake Josephine sunset (St Paul, MN)-1

7:23 pm

Lake Josephine sunset (St Paul, MN)-2

7:32 pm

Lake Josephine sunset (St Paul, MN)-3

7:37 pm

Why do we enjoy sunsets so much?  Are we wired to appreciate that rosy glow?  Is it symbolic of something, like the comfort of a warm campfire, or the end of the day, or do we (as a species) just really like the color orange?  I’m curious what you think about this question. Thanks for commenting.

7 thoughts on “magical sunset light

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’m thinking those colors remind us of our very early (in human history) use of fire and its utility for both warmth and food preparation.

  1. Hmmm. An interesting question. Our eyes are not especially sensitive to orange/red (we are more sensitive to green) so is it perhaps an association of reddish with cosy, and warm and soothing as “Joan” said above?

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