lazy fox

“the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” (a typist’s challenge), but the lazy red fox napped all afternoon in my neighbor’s backyard.  I bet it was a hard night hunting enough food for a litter of fox kits somewhere in the neighborhood.

red fox nap-

There was just enough sun to take the chill out of the sub-freezing temps today, so Red Fox curled up in the litter for a snooze.

red fox nap

At one point, fox got up to have a good scratch, change position, and find a more comfortable resting place.

red fox nap-


red fox nap-


red fox nap-

stretch some more while smelling out a new resting spot

red fox nap-

settling in again…

red fox nap-

the fox wasn’t really all that close, and it does sort of blend in to the color of the litter

As usual, watching the fox made me wonder about the yawning behavior. What is it, really, and why do we do it?

Yawning is contagious — even thinking about yawning makes me want to do it.  And a huge variety of different animals have been observed to engage in yawning, usually in association with resting or sleeping.

yawning animals

Yawning animals from a Google image search

Dogs supposedly will yawn when they see their owners yawning; try it on your pet and see if this works.

Some people claim that the contagion of yawning is related to the empathy between animals or between animals and humans.  Others claim the primary function of yawning and the deep inhalation of breath that accompanies the yawn is to increase oxygenation to the brain, or perhaps to cool the brain, by bringing increased blood flow from the cooler facial areas that are stretched during yawning.  No one really knows for sure.

4 thoughts on “lazy fox

  1. Cool shots, Sue. I especially like the ones in which the fox is stretching. I have been doing a lot of dogsitting for German Shepherd and she stretches in almost the exact same way.

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