a trio of bucks

Back in the Minnesota backyard, where the temperatures have climbed into the 60s (F), the snow has melted, and the deer can now forage on new grass shoots.  A herd of six does wandered through the backyard early this morning for a snack of bird seed, and a trio of young bucks ambled by later in the afternoon.  They still haven’t shed their antlers, but it looks like they have been losing portions of the tines.  Their unique antler growth makes them easy to recognize.


This is Studly; not only is his rack the most symmetrical (so far), but he has a nice white neck patch, and has the most regal posture of the three.


Studly’s regal posture!  Isn’t he handsome?


This is Lopside; he has lost most of the right side of his rack. He has the darkest face of the three bucks (is that a sign of age?)


This is Slurpy; he does a lot of licking. He is somewhat assymetric, with the left side tines larger than the right. He also has a dirty neck — it must be a hard place to clean.

The rut is over, and these three bachelors roam the backyard together, usually apart from the does.  I would love to find their cast-off antlers to add to my collection.

One thought on “a trio of bucks

  1. We have several of their Indiana cousins in the woods in back of our house! Haven’t seen much of them this winter, but I’m sure when the garden starts coming up, we will! Every time I plant sunflowers back there, they get sheared off at about 10 inches tall.

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