the hunter

Egrets and herons are known to stalk their prey in a variety of habitats, from still lagoons and boggy swamps to moderately flowing streams, but the habitat this little Snowy Egret chose to search for a meal looked really challenging.

Snowy Egret hunting

Snowy Egret hunting In a dense undergrowth of dead vegetation.

There might have been some frogs, or crayfish, or juicy insects wandering around in this dense vegetation, because the bird was focused tightly on one spot, turning its body ever so slightly to get a better view.

Snowy Egret hunting

I watched for several minutes but never saw it strike at anything.

Several studies have reported that Snowy Egrets are consistently about 50-70 % successful in their foraging strikes, regardless of habitat, using a combination of slow stealth, penetrating gaze, and quick strikes.

The bird eventually gave up and moved on to a more typical foraging site…

Snowy Egret hunting

Love those yellow feet, I wonder if the fish do as well?

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