Between the raindrops

Brief glimpses of sun between rain clouds overhead made the spring flowers sparkle as I was walking around Los Gators Creek park in San Jose, CA the other day.  Here’s another taste of spring for those still mired in the gray blahs of winter.

Almond blossoms along Los Gatos Creek

Almond trees have been so wet for so long here the branches are growing a thick layer of lichen on them.  The muddy creek in the background has flooded the sycamores that usually line the banks.


Redbud flowers are just now emerging after several weeks of cold, wet weather.

Flowering crabapple

Only a few flowering crabapple trees have burst into bloom

Los Gatos Creek flood

It’s the verdant green of the new grass that really signals spring. The soil is squishy from heavy rain, the excess now runs off to fill the creeks to overflowing.

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