pretty posers

My 3-day photo workshop with Alan Murphy netted a little over 6700 images — at least a quarter of which were empty of the target bird or were missing large chunks of the bird’s body.  But that still leaves a lot of images to choose from, and it’s taking me quite a while to sort through them.  So, here’s a look at some of the pretty posers I photographed in my final morning’s effort at Casa Santa Ana, near the Santa Ana wildlife refuge south of Alamo, Texas.


The ever-photogenic Golden-fronted Woodpecker that sports a golden mane and a red top knot as well.


Here’s a look you don’t see every day. I knew birds could turn their heads 180 degrees front to back, but this is a different sort of use for that neck flexibility.

great kiskadee-eating-berries

Kiskadees impressed us with their athletic efforts flying in to grab a bite of fruit or suet. Sometimes it was just easier to sit and pluck the berries off, throw them up in the air and catch them on the way down.


Everybody’s favorite pick for most colorful — the Altimira Oriole.


Not far behind in the running for most colorful, the Green Jay combines blue, black, yellow, green, and a little white on the underside of its tail.  Black eyes in a black face, with blue eyebrows — what a combination.


They really are green, and they do love suet. Like other jays, they stuff their mouths full before taking off.


The tiny Inca Dove (about half the size of a Mourning Dove) blends in well with the color of the litter and the rough bark on dead branches.


Northern Mockingbirds love those berries, too.


The Clay-colored Thrush is a brown version of the American Robin, about the same size and with similar habits. It is rare in south Texas, being primarily a Central American bird, and is the national bird of Costa Rica.

12 thoughts on “pretty posers

    • Thanks, Mike. I sure do love seeing these beauties on a regular basis, but it’s wonderful to escape the dreariness of the MN winter for a while as well.

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