Heron haven

South-eastern Texas, and South Padre Island, in particular are a haven for egrets and herons.  Five species of them just in one nature area.  There were so many little fish in the pools, the five species could forage almost side by side.

South padre island herons

Great white egret, snowy egret, and great blue heron fishing in a small back water.

Reddish Egret

Standing just a few feet away, a Reddish Egret, feeling drowsy after a big meal.

Tri-colored heron

On the other side of the boardwalk, a Tri-colored heron fishes for minnows.

Fish food for herons

Fish food for herons in the shallow waters surrounding the mangroves

South Padre Island birding and nature center boardwalk

A boardwalk through the mangroves that surround Laguna Madre gives viewers numerous opportunities to photograph wildlife.

Great blue heron

The wildlife is so used to people on the boardwalk, we can get some really close-up views–like the head of a Great blue heron.

Wind surfers on Laguna Madre

There are others enjoying the Laguna Madre waters besides the birds.


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