flocking up

The fall parade of birdlife has begun:  Canada geese migrating overhead in their V-shaped formations, juncos and white-throated sparrows littering the ground under the bird feeders, Sandhill Cranes gathering on corn and soybean stubble in farm fields to scratch out the last remaining grains there, and of course the turkeys…my regular afternoon visitors to the backyard, scratching through litter to find the nuts, berries, and seeds that might have eluded those omnipresent squirrels.

turkey flock

A month ago there were just 6. That grew to a flock of 10 regulars, and now there are 22 — hens and fledglings (poults).


turkey fledglings

trading information on where to look for the goodies?

Around sunset the flock gathers to fly off to their nightly roosts. The turkey poults line up on the hill at one side of the backyard, then dash down the hill gathering speed as they launch themselves into the air toward the oak tree branches where they will spend the night.


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