Colorful Northwoods in the borderlands

Even the dull gray skies couldn’t diminish the amazing color in the landscapes along the north shore of Lake Superior this week.  Although the maples had largely dropped their red and gold leaves throughout the inland forests, the golden glow of birch and aspen leaves more than made up for it.  You get a really good idea of just how dominant these trees really are in the total landscape when you see them highlighted against the evergreens.

colorful-northwoods-northeastern MN

Where the forest meets the shoreline of Lake Superior at the very tip of the arrowhead that makes up northeastern Minnesota. This scene is about 1 mile from the Canadian border.

colorful-northwoods-northeastern MN

The Pigeon River marks the boundary between the US and Canada in this part of Grand Portage State Park.  Across the river is Canada’s Pigeon River Provincial Park.

colorful-northwoods-northeastern MN

Hello Canada!  The Pigeon River may have moved its channel in this area, because a survey marker for the border was located not far from where my husband is sitting.

colorful-northwoods-northeastern MN

It’s quiet in the Northwoods as we hike along — nothing to distract us from noticing the colorful display around us as we hike.

colorful-northwoods-northeastern MN

Round birch leaves on the ground make it look like the hiking trails are paved with gold coins.

6 thoughts on “Colorful Northwoods in the borderlands

  1. It looks beautiful. We did not get up that far North this time, but we saw lots of colour including yellow maples, especially in Tettegouche Park.

    • I think the color might have been a little better where you were. I had hoped to hike up in the hills above Lutsen for a look down at the lake through those maples — but we ran out of time.

    • Hi Betsy — good to hear from you. This is by far my favorite time of year, and I would really miss this color if we moved, so I understand your nostalgia. Thanks for writing.

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