Yellowstone National Park sights

I’m on the road again, at a photo workshop in Yellowstone and the Tetons.  Just a few highlights of some of what we’ve seen so far.

Pronghorn antelope

Pronghorn antelope by the side of the road getting a drink

Wolf and buffalo in Yellowstone Park

Wolf and buffalo in Yellowstone Park–my first wolf shot ever and a lucky one that I happened to be in the right place when the animal ran across the highway.

Smoke from a fire that began in July this year and is still going has obscured some of the views of distant mountains, but adds a little extra to the landscape shots.

Beartooth lookout, Wyoming

Smoke-filled valleys near the 11,000 foot Beartooth Pass, east of Yellowstone.

lake near Beartooth Pass, WY

Pretty alpine lakes dotted the road up to Beartooth Pass.

The 68 mile Beartooth highway up and over the pass was constructed in 1936, and was called the most beautiful drive in America by Charles Kuralt.  More scenes from this dramatic landscape tomorrow…

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