lazy summer days

What do you do on a hot, summer day when soft, grassy lawns and the sweet aroma of wildflower blooms beckon?  It calls for a short nap in the grass, I guess, even for wildlife, and the backyard was the perfect place yesterday.

whitetail fawns-

A pair of fawns wandered by, one of whom decided on a short rest while munching on fallen leaves.

whitetail fawns-

Still spotted, although they’re now half the size of their mom.  The left ear of the fawn standing has a torn notch — perhaps it had an encounter with a predator early in life.

whitetail doe-

Mom watched me warily from the woods, as I snuck up on her darlings.

red fox kit-

A little later a red fox kit wandered by, checking out the squirrels at the bird feeder.

red fox kit-

And then settled down for a little rest near the wildflower garden while still watching those squirrels.

red fox kit-

Resting in the shade on a hot summer day…that’s the life.

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