baby, it’s hot out there

This week’s extreme heat (high 90s) and high humidity (felt like 90%) are what makes us grateful for MN winters…I guess.  There wasn’t much activity in the backyard today, with a only a few birds visiting the feeders and a few bumblebees buzzing in the garden.  Dissipating heat is hard for endotherms that generate heat through their metabolism, so it makes sense to find shade, or increase evaporative cooling with a nice bath.


Ah, a little soak to cool off a hot Catbird.


Getting wet all over is even better.


Feeling much cooler, now to find a perch in the shade and wait out the daytime heat wave.

But even the low metabolic ectotherms were fighting the solar load, like this female Blue Dasher dragonfly that tipped her abdomen toward the sky to block the heat radiating down on her sensitive head.

female blue dasher dragonfly

This little dragonfly can reduce its heat load by positioning the slender abdomen up into the “obelisk position”.

female blue dasher dragonfly

What pretty eyes they have — red on top, pale blue on the bottom.

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