Turkeys in the trees

I found a hen turkey skulking through the tall weeds in the backyard.  She was tending a small brood of four or five half-grown chicks, which were too small to be seen through all the leaves.  I tried following them, hoping for a clearing where I could get a better shot of the hen and her offspring, but the chicks got nervous and took off for the trees.

hen turkey

She’s very nervous about me creeping closer to her chicks.

turkeys chicks perched in a tree

The hen is below the tree where the chicks have landed. Two of the four poked their heads out of the vegetation in response to the hen’s soft clucks.

turkeys chicks perched in a tree

Decisions, decisions, to go or to stay…

turkeys chick perched in a tree

Seconds before this chick took off to glide down to where the female sat below.

By seeking protection in trees, these chicks are safer now from mammalian predators, but might still be vulnerable to avian ones.  They certainly aren’t skillful flyers, crashing into the vegetation, rather than gracefully landing on a branch.  But at least they can get airborne.

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