Raising the kids

There’s no rest for busy bird parents these days as they patrol, hunt for food, and defend their youngsters. I saw a few examples of this on my nature walk the other day.

canada geese and goslings

The Canada Goose goslings have grown since I photographed them last week and most of them show the adult facial markings. One or two seem younger (smaller) than the others, and one definitely is developmentally behind the others (second from right). Perhaps these younger ones came from a different clutch and were adopted?

osprey and chicks-

There are (at least) wo chicks in the osprey nest, old enough now to stand up in the nest and beg.  

baltiimore oriole at his nest-

Mr. Oriole was busy tending to his chicks. The woven basket nest was well hidden in a clump of leaves and suspended by just a few thin threads from the branchlets above.

baltiimore oriole female-

Meanwhile, Mrs. Oriole was busy searching for something to feed her noisy youngsters.

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