playful pups

Each morning and evening, the fox pups come out to play under the watchful eyes of their wary parents.

red fox pups-

There was a lot of scampering about in and around the bushes and twigs, making it hard to get much of a photograph of these little furry balls.

red fox pups-

Play behavior of the fox pups is like a rehearsal for future hunting tactics, as they attack the leaf litter and pounce on imaginary prey.

red fox pups-

Attacking each other is also a good game.

red fox pups-

Taking a break from all that play to rest up for the next bout.  Their fur coat is getting redder, and their legs and ears are a little blacker than when I first saw them last week.

red fox-

One small yip from this watchful parent and the pups disappeared immediately back into the burrow.  

Pups and parent were already out and active when I arrived, so I tried hiding behind a not very large tree trunk to take these shots from about 200 feet away.  I’m still hoping for some closer shots with less obstruction from little branches before the family leaves this den area.

11 thoughts on “playful pups

  1. I love seeing these growing kits through your eyes and your images, Sue. One of the special blessings of the spring is all of the new babies that enter into the world. You’ve captured well the sense of playfulness of these two little bundles of energy.

      • Perhaps you will get lucky. Sure, it helps to be at the right place at the right time, but good fortune is often a huge factor in getting the kinds of images for which we hope.

    • You would not believe the view the neighbors have of this scene from the comfort of their 4-season porch. I want to become their best friend and sit in that porch all day….oh well.

    • Absolutely, and their play behavior is so entertaining as they tumble around on each other. I love watching, but the parents don’t love me being there doing that.

    • There are still squirrels running around right where the parents sleep outside the den, so the foxes must be well fed on the local mouse population. This neighborhood is across the street from a very large open space and marshy area.

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