foxy faces

I’ve been trying to photograph the fox family living in a friend’s backyard by sitting in my camouflage tent and spying on them.  The kits made their appearance last week and have been frolicking around the brush of “stump-henge” in the far backyard in the early morning and evening.

red fox-kits

Fox kits from a previous year — April 5, 2013. This bunch was a little older, and the parents were a lot less wary of my presence (hidden in my camo tent).

Mr. (or Mrs.) Fox keeps a keen look-out for any dangers to their rambunctious bunch, and consequently ushers them back into the burrow whenever I am in my tent.  I haven’t figured out how the adults know I’m there, as I peer out a small slit in the tent window (smell? sight?).  Watching the adults watch me, I see a variety of “expressions” in their gaze, as they change the position of their ears, their head, their body stance.

How would you label these fox face “expressions”?

red fox-

First day of observation – first shot after entering the tent.

red fox-

Moments later, after “thinking” about this new object that appeared in the yard.

red fox-

These three images above were taken over about a 5 minute time period, but there is an obvious change in attitude over that time.

red fox-

How about this one? It’s a windy, chilly day — the late afternoon sun feels pretty good.

red fox-

Watching me closely from “stump-henge”.

I’m hoping the adults learn to ignore my presence, and I can get some shots of their offspring soon.

12 thoughts on “foxy faces

  1. Wow! How fun is that? What a grand range of expressions. From “see how scary I am? You keep away” to “OK, you’re no threat, I’ll just enjoy this sunny day.” Look forward to hearing more…

    • Interesting how the adult show no fear parading around in the open backyard in the daytime by themselves, but are so nervous when the kits are out and there is a human presence.

  2. The first and third pictures of our backyard lady (or guy) are great! Cleeaaarrrrly indicating a desire to figure you out, not liking it a bit! Love it!

  3. I remember so well your shots of the fox kits the past and wish you the best as you try to get some new ones this year. I love the fact that you are able to observe the fox over an extended period of time–they are such beautiful creatures. You’ve already managed to shoot some wonderful photos, Sue.

    • thanks, Mike. I’m hoping for more photos of those cute kits, but this pair of parents is so wary and there are some dense brambles between my tent and where the kits play, so it might not happen. I don’t want to make the parents so nervous they end up moving the family elsewhere…

  4. Hi Sue, I love your pictures. Two years ago we had gray foxes in our backyard in White Bear Lake. I took about 2,000 photos from our window and got a few great ones! I even wrote a children’s book about their adventures that I am hoping to publish soon. Love to see the red foxes too. I hope to see more. Have fun!

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