lake crystals

We don’t often get the weather conditions on our local metropolitan lakes that result in spectacular ice formations, like those seen on Lake Superior.  You can view some great examples of those formations on Paul Sundberg’s photography website.

But high winds and freezing temperatures did produce some very nice lake crystals on Lake Vadnais yesterday morning, as the spray from waves hitting the shoreline vegetation coated every twig with ice.

Gusty winds channeled the waves into a small bay on Lake Vadnais in St. Paul.

Gusty winds channeled the waves into a small bay on Lake Vadnais in St. Paul.

lake Vadnais ice crystals-

They almost look like the icicle-shaped crystals you see on an expensive chandelier.

lake Vadnais ice crystals-

Spray from the wind-driven waves was still adding to the ice formations, even at 11 a.m.

7 thoughts on “lake crystals

  1. Very cool. I remember driving through Oklahoma several years ago, and seeing icicles on fences and signs along the Interstate that had frozen during a high wind and were standing out at 90-degree angles from the ground. Sometimes I miss the ice formations of Michigan, where I grew up. The lighthouse at South Haven could be pretty spectacular, and sometimes we get storms further inland that left the world looking like your photos. But then I remember that it could take 20 minutes to dress for a walk in January. LOL At 9:30 a.m., it is 70 degrees here in the Sonoran Desert, and the spring flowers are amazing. Judging by the number of flower buds I find on my desert walks, the show promises to be spectacular this year. Thanks for all your posts!

  2. Am enjoying your site! My friend and your neighbor Jeanette Brown gave me your website. I love photography as well and wish I had taken the time yesterday to see what the weather was doing. Amazing ice crystals!

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