a nifty smart phone feature

My Samsung phone has a magnifier, which is great for older folks who forget their reading glasses when they go out to a dimly lit restaurant.  But I discovered another use for the magnifier the other day when I was trying to photograph moss with a telephoto — a bad idea because of the lack of depth of field.

moss on rotted log

The telephoto shot had about 1/4 of the field of view in focus.  Even the phone camera couldn’t capture the sea of moss on the rotten log adequately.  This was about as close as I could get without blurring out part of the shot.

I turned on the magnifier function, held the phone next to the moss as steadily as possible, pressed “capture”, and then saved the image.  Wow — a super-sharp close-up with more magnification than the phone camera alone could produce.

moss sporophyte capsules

The beak-like things on long stalks above the moss “leaves” are the sporophyte capsules, which will release spores to further colonize the rotted log.  This is unedited — just as it came out of the phone camera.

3 thoughts on “a nifty smart phone feature

  1. Great photos of the moss and blackbirds! When we get together Tracy can show you his panoramic camera and HI photos taken with it, including Alakai Plateau last week.

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