not much to sing about

It wouldn’t be March in Minnesota if we didn’t get a sloppy snowstorm before the month was over.  I won’t complain about the snow in my backyard (because there wasn’t any), but there was significant (6-10 inches) of the wet, white stuff starting just a few miles south of us.  I always wonder how early spring migrants tolerate the sudden change in temperature and disappearance of a not-so-reliable food source.

So, here’s a happy Red-winged Blackbird on the day before the storm at a local marsh.

Red-winged Blackbird

It’s only March, and the ladies haven’t arrived yet, but this doesn’t keep the boys from showing off their stuff.

And here is the scene the next morning…

red-winged blackbird-4094

A wet 10 inches or more of sloppy snow blanketed the landscape just south of downtown Saint Paul.

red-winged blackbird in a snowy marsh

On display, but definitely not singing!

red-winged blackbird-4112

Not really a happy Blackbird today.

But that’s spring…a time of ups and downs.

Whee!! This was the 1000th post on Back Yard Biology.  Thanks for reading!

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