On a dreary, rainy day devoid of color here in Minnesota, I’ll share a photo of a scene that is so rich in color, it can only be called a kaleidoscope.  This is a multi-image, blended composite of several frames and several exposures of the innards of the Haleakala volcano on Maui.  When I was editing the composite to blend the different frames and exposures, I was struck by how the mineral composition in the crater has colored the scene: yellow sulfur deposits, rich red-purple to red-brown iron deposits, gray to black weathered lava and ash, blue and white of the cloud layer that hangs over the mid-altitude of the volcano, and a little hint of yellow-green from the plants that have struggled to establish themselves in this rocky, almost lunar-looking landscape.

For best viewing, click on the image to enlarge it to the max — it’s a complex scene worth exploring.  On a PC or an iPad, click once to single out the image on just one web page, and click on it again to enlarge.  Scroll with your finger or the bottom/side scroll bars.

haleakala panorama-

I’m calling this the Haleakala “grandorama” rather than panorama.

Multiple small cinder cones dot the mid-landscape in front of the peak, and a recent (within the last 300 years or so) lava flow crosses in front of the peak.  Strangely enough, the crater is actually not of volcanic origin, but was formed by the erosion of the walls of two valleys during a particularly wet part of the island’s history.  The volcano is dormant, not extinct, with frequent small earthquakes that indicate it is still capable of island-building action.

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