Surf’s up

And it was truly way up the last couple of days we spent on Maui.  Even from a distance the waves on the north shore of Maui were huge, and would have dwarfed us if we had been down on the shore.

ocean surf Maui-north shore

This was taken from a plateau high above the ocean, not far from the famous “Jaws” (Pe’ahi) surf break, notably the biggest waves on Maui. Click here to see dramatic photos from this area.

ocean surf Pe'ahi (Jaws) surf break, Maui

I wish there had been a surfer out at Jaws on this day. We estimated the wave height to be at least 20 feet.  This was a telephoto zoom of the wave break, since we were so far away and so far above the action.

Wind and waves were high on the north shore of Oahu (next island over) as well, and great crowds gathered along the shore to watch the premier surfers tackle the challenges that the ocean threw them on February 25.

oahu surf-Feb 2016, Liz Barnery -the Guardian

Eddie Aikau surf competition, Waimea Bay, Oahu, Feb 25, 2016. Photo by Liz Barney for the Guardian. Click here for some amazing shots of this competition.

Eddie Aikau competition-Feb 2016-Liz Barnery, the Guardian-

From the 2016 Eddie Aikau competition on the north shore of Oahu at Waimea Bay — the biggest waves in 40 years on Feb 25, 2016. Photo by Liz Barney for the Guardian.

Eldest grandson endured some serious pounding trying to body surf in these mammoth crashers, while his dad photographed him with a Go-Pro camera.

Body surfer, Maui big waves


And therein ends our all-too-brief journey to the Hawaiian Islands.  Now it’s back to the freezer in Minnesota.

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