slippin’ and slidin’ to Ho’opi’i Falls

That’s how we hiked to Ho’opi’i Falls one afternoon — sliding down the muddy trail on sandals that didn’t grip very well.  The scenery was spectacular and the adventurous among us braved a steep hike down the base of the waterfall to the rope swing over the river for an afternoon swim (I was not one of them).

waterfall hike-Ho'opi'i falls

The beginning of the trail, from a residential area, passed rural scenery like this.

waterfall hike-Ho'opi'i falls

The trail rolled up and down over terrain like this for 2 miles, with us grabbing for stray limbs to steady us on the steeper sections.

waterfall hike-Ho'opi'i falls

Giant philodendron vines climbed the trunks of the massive trees lining the river bank.

waterfall hike-Ho'opi'i falls

Finally, the waterfall, so bright in the afternoon light against the dark forest vegetation.

waterfall hike-Ho'opi'i falls

Just a few yards downstream, kids (and adults) were swinging on one of the many lianas hanging from the trees, Tarzan-style, to drop into the river. However, the hike to get down to the river was treacherous and not for old ladies.

waterfall hike-Ho'opi'i falls

The view from the top was enough for me.

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