up in the clouds

Stormy weather has kept us down on the southern coast of Kauai where it is drier, and the waves are calmer for snorkeling, but yesterday we ventured up into the mountains on the northern half of the island, hoping for a little break in the clouds.

The drive up Waimea Canyon — the Grand Canyon of the Pacific — was promising, but then we drove right into the clouds covering the tops of the mountains, so there was somewhat of a view, but not quite the picturesque scene I imagined.

waimea canyon

The waterfall was just far enough below the tops of these mountains to be in the sunlight.

waimea canyon-

Another view from another lookout.  You can just barely see the Waimea River that cut this gorge, way down in the bottom of the gorge.

This area is just a couple of miles from Mt. Waialeale, the wettest spot on earth with 450 inches of rain per year.  That’s 37.5 feet of water!!  No wonder these canyon gorges are so steep (3500 feet).

View from Mt. Waialeale over Kalalau Valley

This was our view of the Kalalau Valley along the Napali coastline from Mt. Waialeale, the highest and wettest spot on the island. It was chilly and wet!

What we should have been able to see —

One thought on “up in the clouds

  1. Short of a downpour, it still looks good there. In terms of wildlife, it would be my guess that the 10,000 humpbacks that loiter around the islands might be headed outa there pretty soon. Once I was amazed by the turn of events … Here today, gone tomorrow en masse! It is a long haul to the N Pacific waters, esp for a calf, and another example of the miracle of nature.

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