morning light and tattlers

The best time to be out and about on the east coast of Kauai is between 6:30 and 8  a.m.  The light is amazing and there are only a few walkers that might scare the birds away.

kauai sunrise-

One advantage of heavy rain clouds hanging over the island is the light show at sunrise.

kauai beach

Any direction you look is scenic on this beach.

kauai beach forest-

The path along the beach is particularly scenic, lined with weathered cypress.

The bird life was pretty scarce on this cloudy morning, but I did find a couple of Wandering Tattlers running up and down the beach from breaking waves to the high dunes.

wandering tattlers

Wandering Tattlers are members of the sandpiper family that forage along the rocky intertidal and sandy beaches for marine worms and crustaceans.

wandering tattlers-

During the breeding season, they feast on insects they find along the shore and in the beach vegetation as well.

This nondescript, medium-sized, gray shorebird wanders from its breeding grounds in eastern Russia and northwestern Alaska to overwinter along the California coast and as far south as southern Pacific Islands.  Winter plumage (here) with gray back and whitish breasts is replaced by slightly more attractive breeding plumage of striped breast feathers that look like dazzle camouflage.

I only had a landscape lens with me and was unable to get close to these fast-moving little guys. Photo instead from

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