Along the creek

It’s amazing how much wildlife coexists with human enterprise in urban areas.  Los Gatos creek is a major riparian corridor in San Jose CA that attracts not only humans anxious to flex their muscles while exercising along the trail that parallels the creek, but a wide variety of birds that utilize the ponds and creek that drain upstream reservoirs. Even though rain recharges the reservoirs in the winter, the creek runs all year, sustaining this narrow band of riparian habitat.

los gatos creek-san jose CA

A couple of Hooded Mergansers float under drooping Sycamore branches, carried along on the creek’s current.

los gatos creek-san jose CA

The area is particularly inviting when trees and annual plants (like the poppies in the lower right corner) are in flower.

cormorant and canada geese-2724

It isn’t hard to find noisy Canada Geese, but the Cormorant resting with them on the shoreline was a surprise.

double-crested cormorant-

Such beautiful blue-green eyes — and the wispy feathers behind its eyes are the reason it’s called the Double-crested Cormorant.

hooded mergansers

A couple of male Hooded Mergansers were showing off for the females

"Look at me -- I'm cooler than the other guy..."

Look at me — I’m cooler than the other guy…”

ring-necked ducks-

Male Ring-necked Ducks were escorting females around also.

Spring is in the air here — flowers blooming, birds singing, males showing off their stuff, it’s a welcome treat for a winter-weary traveler.

7 thoughts on “Along the creek

  1. Stunning CU of the cormorant. Great hooded merganser photo too. We have an urban retreat here in Tucson: Sweetwater Wetlands. There are sewage treatment ponds, but the whole area is one big bio filter and you’d never dream it had ever had anything to do with sewage. The birdlife is very rich, and the last time I was there I watched a couple of bobcat siblings catch a muskrat. 303 species of birds have been logged there, including 18 kinds of flycatchers.
    I really enjoy your blog.

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