Snow day

A “snow day” in Minnesota usually means kids get out of school, businesses close early, and we are warned to stay indoors until snow plows have made the roads manageable.  Although none of that happened, high winds and rapidly falling snow made it seem like much more of an emergency than it really was.  But the effect on the landscape was truly beautiful, as only heavy snowfall can be.  I gazed out my porch windows wishing some little animal would stop by and get framed in the puffy snowflakes that were accumulating on every surface.

Not more than 5 minutes later, the deer herd wandered into the yard, nosing around for fallen bird seed or scraps of months-old dead plants.  And this was the scene…

deer herd in the snow-

The deer seemed surprised that there was so much white stuff covering up the food. White splotches on the deer are the snowflakes closest to me as I shot the view through the porch window with my cell phone camera.

deer herd in the snow-

There is usually something to eat in the wildflower garden in the spring and summer, but not now.

deer herd in the snow-

Then it’s off to the neighbors yard to see if there is anything good to eat over there.

And that will be the last of snowy scenes on this blog for a couple of weeks, while I’m traveling to warmer, greener, and more scenic spots in tropical climates.

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