Alone again…un-naturally

trumpeter swan-reflection-

A lone swan resting on the ice in the early morning in a vast landscape of white looks forlorn by itself.

trumpeter swan-reflection-

I was able to stand directly across the inlet from the swan, and the bird seemed unperturbed by my presence, resting on its one leg.

Trumpeter Swans most often pair for life, but not until they are about 5-7 years old. Perhaps this is a young bird, or perhaps its mate has died — in any case, this lonely swan has been hanging out at the inlet to Sucker Lake in the Vadnais Heights reservoir system for the past couple of weeks. Pairs of Trumpeters come and go there, but there is always one lonely bird, perhaps this same one.

trumpeter swan-

On another day, a lone swan swam in the inlet with a few Mallards for company.


Too bad Lonely Swan doesn’t know there is a party going on about 50 miles up the Mississippi River at Monticello, where the Trumpeter Swans feast on corn handed out to them daily. 

For those music lovers in the crowd, the reference in the title of the post is to a hit song from the 70s — Alone Again, Naturally (by Gilbert O’Sullivan).

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