Blending in… or not

In the winter, everything seems to take on shades of gray and brown, even the several day’s old crusty snow.  When I looked out in the backyard early one morning recently, I saw a few members of the local deer herd wandering down the hill toward the pond, but didn’t think there was much of photographic interest there.  So I just snapped a quick couple of images.  When I finally got around to looking at those photos, I found the deer match their gray-brown background so well, I didn’t even see the large buck having a morning rest in the snow.

white-tailed buck resting

It’s easy to miss even large-bodied animals, like the buck in the left background, when they aren’t moving around.  When the light is dim in the early morning, and the world is gray-brown, whte-tailed deer blend in nicely with their surroundings.

white-tailed buck resting

A little photo “massage” makes the buck stand out a little better.

Most of the gaudy male birds wear their less conspicuous plumage in the winter — to better blend in and avoid being someone’s lunch.  But there’s always an exception to that general rule:

male Northern cardinal - wnter-

Mr. Cardinal doesn’t stay in one place long, and he is obviously the brightest thing visible in this monochromatic (almost) background.  He visits the feeder right at dawn and again at dusk, and stays tucked into dense vegetation during the rest of the day.

female cardinal - wnter

Mrs. Cardinal is less colorful, but she too only visits the feeders at dawn and dusk, when there is barely enough light for me to see which birds are there.

2 thoughts on “Blending in… or not

  1. I just love it when I look at photo later and find something I’d missed! I didn’t see the buck when I looked at your first photo either – it really is amazing the way they can disappear. Would love to have some cardinals around here to brighten these gray days – send a few west, would you please?

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