Happy New Year — looking forward and back

The run-away winner of the 2015 favorite landscape photo was “rainstorm over Pinedale, WY”, which garnered almost 25% of the votes (14 total to 10 for Lake Superior island, the runner-up).   Thanks to all who participated for helping me learn which images make the best sorts of landscapes.

As we go forward in the New Year, I am actually looking backward at some of the landscape photos I’ve taken in years past — way back, before digital cameras, when I shot with slide or print film.  Now that I know more about photo editing, I’ve discovered I can reclaim/restore some of my poorly exposed images from previous travels to exotic locales to more accurately resemble the scene that I remember.

Here’s an example of what I mean — a photo I took on a visit to Torres del Paine National Park, in southern Chilean Patagonia, was washed out with all the haze in the valley.  The “blue towers” were indeed blue in the haze, but were actually more of a sandstone color up close.  The camera definitely didn’t do justice to this magnificent scenery, and this wasn’t a photo I was particularly proud of.

torres del paine

original file taken with Olympus point and shoot camera

A few touch-ups in Lightroom later, and a more dramatic rendition of the original scene emerges…

torres del paine - (the blue towers)

This is more like I remember the scene, with the stark granite towers projecting skyward behind snow capped peaks in the distance.  

I’m looking forward to rediscovering some of the wonders of my previous travels with a slide scanner and some photo editing this year.

One thought on “Happy New Year — looking forward and back

  1. One approach I’ve taken to getting feedback is via 500px, which has a fast feedback ranking system, with a huge worldwide audience of peers — (I had a record 38k viewers of one shot) … Of course many shooters there are waaaay more skilled, but I learn from their incredible work, just can’t approach it.

    The algorithm formula for the ranking is a well-kept secret, but it is likely based on viewership, category, favorites, speed and timeframe, as well as comments. They tend to be mostly complimentary, but sometimes very educational. Of course CaptureMinnesota is also a good source for feedback and a gazillion nature and photo sites which you’re familiar. I’m headed back to the ‘slots’ in Page, AZ, so we’ll see what it conjures up. Wrong month for sun beams, but warmer. Might try for some ice up north first. Jim

    ___________________ FROM: jcradford@yahoo.com – (612) 819-4386 Website: http://radfordpictures.com


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