Gone north to find winter

Mild weather in southern Minnesota has delayed the feeling that it’s actually winter here, so we took the grandkids north to Lake Superior to find snow.  A day late for Christmas, but new snow made a spectacular landscape covering the trees, rocks, and waterfalls at Gooseberry Falls State Park.

gooseberry falls state park

gooseberry falls state park

There was so much water running over the falls early in the winter when this area had rain instead of snow, the frozen falls covers a huge expanse.

gooseberry falls state park

Tannins in the water from swampy bogs upstream make the falls coffee-colored.  There is still a lot of water running over the falls, due to milder than normal winter weather here.

gooseberry falls state park

A coffee-colored giant icicle along the creek begged to be photographed.

P.S. These photos were taken with my phone camera, which I was glad I had along on our hike.  The DSLR battery died after the second photo I took.

4 thoughts on “Gone north to find winter

  1. Wow, there’s snow in the photos. Like so much of the eastern half of the US, I’ve experienced a really warm December and aside from a few early morning frosts, it hasn’t really felt much like winter. Great captures with the camera on your phone–the quality of these cameras has gotten so good that, when used by a skillful photographer like you, it’s hard to tell that the images were not taken with a DSLR. Best wishes for a wonderful 2016.

    • The newer camera phones have exceptional clarity with strong contrast, but the deep shadows can be harsh. My Lightroom adjustments really couldn’t do much with the jpg image, so I just cropped the darker parts out. But I agree, on a bright, sunny day, there’s no point in lugging a heavy DSLR around when the phone does such a nice job.

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