Sitting ducks

With temperatures 10-14 degrees higher than normal for December, the ducks are sticking around on some of the still unfrozen lakes.  Their presence, however, may have drawn the attention of a couple of immature Bald Eagles, who hung around on the ice along the shore and then perched in a tree with a nice view toward the small flocks of ducks floating out in the middle.

bald eagles on the ice-

The ducks were wary and flew off as the eagles made passes over them, but the gulls seemed oblivious to the presence of a large, mobile predator.

Common Goldeneye-Lake Vadnais-

A small flock of Common Goldeneye floated far out in the middle of the lake, as far as they could get from the eagles.

Ring-necked Ducks and Mallards feeding-

Ring-necked Ducks  dove and dabbled closer to shore, but made abrupt departures when the eagles flew over them.

So, even a “sitting duck” has a sporting chance against these fearsome predators.


4 thoughts on “Sitting ducks

    • El Niño off the west coast of North America is giving us this mild winter weather, for which I’m grateful, but realize that it means way more insect pests next summer.

    • thanks, Mike, that was a “shot from the hip” shot — total luck it turned out at all. I wonder if those immature eagles are having a little trouble finding food because they just hung around looking for a stray duck for quite some time.

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