Down at the bay

Down at the bay in San Diego, just 10 miles from the Mexican border, the Living Coast Discovery Center houses some captive native bird species and provides habitat for some wild ones as well.

San Diego Bay, San Diego skyline, bridge to Coronado island

The San Diego skyline and US Navy shipyard in the far distance across San Diego Bay.

Snowy egret and Reddish egret in San Diego bay

A Snowy egret and it’s much larger cousin, the Reddish Egret, stood like statues while I walked around their small island.  Very tame for wild birds, I thought.

Snowy egret and Reddish egret in San Diego bay

A Great Blue Heron couldn’t even be bothered to raise its head from its nap.

Reddish Egret

Reddish Egrets are somewhat rare in the U.S. and are considered a threatened species.  They breed in Central America, but disperse north of their breeding range.   Finding this bird here, posing so cooperatively, was just lucky.

Osprey, San DiegomBay

Osprey and Marsh Hawks (Harriers) flew overhead, cruising the cattail marshes and fields for prey.

Agave in bloom

30’foot tall Agave plants were in bloom, with their massive flower heads buzzing with bees.

Agave flowers

Closeup of the Agave flower head. The plant goes to a lot of effort to ensure pollination, but blooms only once on its massive flower stalk before dying.

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