Fall color redux

Growing up in California, I don’t ever remember spectacular color in the fall.  But the trees imported from southeastern Asia that are now used as boulevard trees in San Jose (Northern California) are exceptionally colorful in what is now the fall season here.  I am delighted to have a second fall season before going back to a colder MN winter season.

Chinese Pistache

Chinese Pistache are relatively small trees with slender leaves that turn a red to gold color.

Chinese Pistache

These trees are a favorite not only for their color but their ability to tolerate extreme heat and cold, as well as drought — conditions they are likely to experience in this challenging climate.

Sycamore fall color

Sycamores turn a bright yellow in fall, and drop lots of large, star-shaped leaves.

Sycamore leaf fall - oil canvas look

I discovered the photo editing software on my iPad has special effects. This is the oil painting version of the sycamore leaf fall…almost looks pastoral instead of urban.

Liquidambar fall color

I call the Liquidamber a tree of many colors because each branch seems to take on a different brilliant hue, from yellows to deep purples.

Fall color -Chinese Pistache and palm trees

The contrast of red Chinese Pistache and green Palm trees seems quite Christmasy.

Fall color, San Jose CA

What a treat to see such vivid color twice in one year.


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