Prairie scenes

Fall color in central Minnesota farm country is a little past its peak, but is still colorful on a warm autumn day.

Ordway Prairie, MN

Ordway Prairie, a Nature Conservancy preserve near Starbuck MN shows off its mix of upland prairie (bottom left), lowland wet meadows with cattails and Phragmites reeds, and interspersed woodlands of aspen and oaks.

sheepberry fen-

A few yearling steers gallop around the corner of their pasture to return to the safety of the rest of their herd grazing on pasture at TNC’s Sheepberry Fen preserve.

sheepberry fen-big bluestem

Big Bluestem (center) and the other grasses of the native prairie have taken on their russet-colored autumnal hues and dangle seeds to be carried off by the wind.

pothole lake in sheepberry fen

The water was so still in this prairie pothole lake, it provided a perfect mirror reflection of the landscape.  Click on the image to get a larger view of this amazing reflection.

sheepberry fen-prairie pothole lake-

These prairie pothole lakes are important breeding sites for waterfowl in the summer, and a few of the more productive ones support migratory birds that stop over on their way south in the fall.

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