Fall scenery

The weather has been spectacular lately.  In fact, too nice for the trees to develop their maximum fall foliage color.  Warm days AND nights mean the color is less intense, develops very slowly and out of synchrony with other trees, and then leaves fall before the whole tree has even completed its color change.  Oh well, the scenery is still something to marvel at, as we slowly approach the dreaded winter deep freeze.

fall color reflections

Early morning light on this shallow bay created a picturesque reflection.

fall color

Green and orange-gold go well together in the fall.

hoverfly on heath aster

Late blooming asters continue to attract a few insects.

pink-edged sulfur butterfly on heath aster

Warm days bring out the bumblebees and the few remaining sulfur butterflies.

trumpeter swans

Trumpeter Swans are on the move; soon the ducks will be too.

5 thoughts on “Fall scenery

  1. Love the vibrant colors of your foliage, Sue. The colors may be slightly less than optimal, but they are much brighter than I see most of the time here in Northern Virginia. We too have the asters and just this weekend I was shooting some sulphur butterflies. Let’s hope your winter is still a good distance in the future–no need to hurry it along.

    • While this may not be the best fall for overall color, there are some trees that are truly magnificent. Yes, I think it is probably too warm where you live to trigger the unmasking of those other pigments in the leaves. I guess I can put up with the nasty winter in order to enjoy the rest of the year here.

    • Thanks, Margaret. I love catching those swans on the fly. Was lucky to get them against the background of trees, this time, otherwise they would have been lost in the gray-white sky.

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