Magnificent mountains

Another couple of photos from the Wyoming adventure — to finish off the series in style.

grand tetons outside Jackson, WY

The Teton range just north of Jackson, on the road to our campsite at Gros Ventre.  The Grand Teton is the highest mountain in Wyoming (13,770 feet). Click on the image to get a full screen panorama.

This youngest range in the Rocky Mountains, only about 50 miles in length, pushed up about 9 million years ago, while at the same time the basin around the Jackson hole area began to sink, making the peaks tower almost 14,000 feet above the flat plain below.  Their recent appearance with relatively little time for erosion makes their profile spectacular — everywhere we drove in this valley, I had to stop and take photos just to see if I could get “the best” view of the peaks.

wind river mountains-

The Wind River range runs approximately 100 miles forming a core of very high peaks in the central portion of the Rocky Mountains.  More than 40 peaks rise above 13,000 feet, and harbor seven of the largest glaciers in the Rockies.  Rugged hiking there!

This area of Wyoming has some fascinating history, of early explorers, trappers, Indian history, etc.  We got just a taste of this when we visited the Museum of the Mountain Men in Pinedale, WY (see my earlier post).   I think I need to go back and re-read Irving Stone’s Men to Match my Mountains.

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