Wild and wet Wyoming

I wouldn’t have believed it would rain every single day in the arid scrub land of western Wyoming during the past three weeks — but it did.  This made camping less fun, but did provide some amazing opportunities for photographing clouds and thunderstorms.  Here a few examples of the kinds of weather we experienced.

wyoming thunderstorm

Taken through the window of a car going 70 mph — a rain cloud dumping its moisture on the sagebrush scrub.

wyoming thunderstorm

How about this for a little drama? It was sprinkling on me but raining further away.

rainstorm Pinedale WY

The benefit of all this summer rain is all the lush perennials that spring up along the roadside. There was an amazing diversity of color.

sagebrush desert-clouds

Before the storms, big puffy clouds gathered overhead. This one is for you, trip leader!

pronghorn bucks-

But these pronghorn bucks don’t care if it rains or shines. They are just happy to eat the sagebrush.

10 thoughts on “Wild and wet Wyoming

  1. Those rain clouds are truly amazing, Sue. When I lived in southern Arizona, I remember that we had a period that we referred to as the “monsoon” season. It would be sunny during the day and then in the late afternoon it would get dark and stormy, often with thunder and lightning, for a couple of hours and then it would clear up again.

    • Thanks, Ben. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the intensity of weather quite like that in Wyoming. It was nice to be able to photograph it.

  2. Amazing nature and gorgeous pictures. I’ve been longing for your story for 10 days! BTW, I’d consider camping in the rain is the pinnacle of a camping trip!

    • Amazingly enough, there was no internet/cell service in Yellowstone and little in the Tetons either. Occasionally we managed to get some phone service in southwestern Wyoming. So it was a tech-free holiday without i-or android devices. Thanks for your interest Hangkyo!

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